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A good way to save and then pay or buy, for your needs, tastes and more.

Saving coin

  • Saving coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, configured under the POS system (proof of participation), masternode and stake.

  • The Saving staking system is designed so that everyone can participate according to the amount of currency they have in the saving wallet, seeking that everyone obtains easier and more recurring coins.

  • This is due to its configuration where a block comes out approximately every 60 seconds, and 300 confirmations to make it available, thus giving more opportunity to other wallets to participate more easily in the staking.

  • In addition, the transactions are super fast, and can be used as a payment system, transfers or any other usefulness.

Saving is useful

  • Saving has the doors open to be used by communities seeking the adoption of a crypto asset for their needs.

  • One of the things we seek is that saving serves as an open utility, for payments, transactions, commercial usability in any project, from the smallest imaginable to the largest.

  • For example, imagine that you can have the ease of being able to pay for basic needs such as electricity, water, telephone, shopping in the supermarket, buy some electrical appliance, anything in the house, or simply buy something to eat, because in Saving we look for be useful for these things.

  • In addition to being the means for any legal business that adopts cryptocurrencies, being able to make super fast and secure transactions, this may be possible, even Saving can be used as a fast remittance transfer with super low fees.

  • And it is worth remembering that due to its proof of stake mining structure, you can use Saving simply to save, or in the same way create the bases for a good trading in the exchanges, which allows you to obtain more profits or other cryptocurrencies.

 2020 By Saving project

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