Detail Saving Token 

The svit (saving token) is a token defi created for the savings project, which also has its own cryptocurrency. With the token we made our way through the expanse network towards this form of digital currencies in the defi environment.

With the Svit Token you can create liquidity in the Expanse network, through the platform, where you can generate eggs (platform token), convert them into Expanse or svit, then build more liquidity between Expnase and Svit, and gradually obtain more profit.

Steps to configure platform on the web and commercialize Svit (saving token)

We recommend using the Brave browser.

1- Download and configure the Metamask in your Brave or Chrome browser.

2- Add the Expanse network in Metamask:

3- Add the Token Svit (saving token) to the Expanse network in Metamask:

4- Export your private key: 

5- Add liquidity and participate in the platform: 

 2020 By Saving project

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