Add liquidity and participate

You must enter the page of the platform where you are going to operate (this platform is related to your metamask wallet as long as it is active in the same explorer), for better performance use the explorer brave:

Select Exchange where you can swap or add liquidity with the token:

Select pool, and then add liquidity

Copy and paste the svit contract, then give add to add the svit token, Contract svit: 0x54451dBE4B925aa5E312E232c6Cba2EAA0d98169

Note: You will do this only once, unless you withdraw the token from the platform

After this, you must add liquidity between Expanse and Svit, so you will be participating in the pool and you can go to the next step to farm.

Note: By adding liquidity, it increases the liquidity of the token and gives you points or ELP that are used to participate in the farms, in which, according to your ELP power (the higher, the higher the power) you can get eggs, which is the commercial token of said platform.

To farm, you must go to the farms tab, you will see that there are several tokens farming, select SVIT.

Within the farm with svit, you must select the + symbol that is in the part where the hen is (your mining power that you form between expanse and svit is displayed there), then you will see the aviable ELP that you have, put the amount, we recommend everything , and you give it to confirm (follow the next windows that come out confirming), then you will see that you already have power and it will begin to mine the eggs.

You are already participating. In order to add more power, you will need to have svit and expanse, so when you remove the eggs you can swap with expanse and then with a part of expanse swap with svit, (we recommend swapping from Expanse to svit, so you can add more value to the svit token), you can withdraw the eggs by giving it in harvest.

Here you can swap from eggs to expanse and then a part of expanse to svit, as you always need to have expanse available to execute any transaction, we recommend having at least 0.1 expanse as a minimum.

We recommend the following strategy:
The ideal is to increase EL or its power between expanse and svit,
-Remove the eggs at the time you want.
-Exchange eggs for Expanse in the swap.
-Exchanging a part of Expanse for Svit in the swap.
-Go to pool and create liquidity between Expanse and Svit.
-Adding ELP or power at the Farms in SVIT.
-If you like, you will accumulate expanse and change it whenever you like in the exchanges where Expanse is listed, for usdt, btc, and others.

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